Elite for high volume associates

Preferred SHORE Elite associates experience the most exclusive opportunity on the SHORE, designed for high volume associates and team leaders who value the full range of services Preferred SHORE provides and are committed to excelling in real estate sales production at a level few may ever attain.

All Platinum benefits are provided at a reduced rate with this prepaid Elite fee structure:

◆ $38,500 annual payment (no monthly dues or transaction fees)

◆ 10% split with a $50,000 annual cap (not including annual payment)

As a Preferred SHORE Elite Associate you will receive our most valuable Platinum support at a reduced & capped rate. You will also have the opportunity to gain insights from Preferred SHORE founder Robert Milligan’s Presidents Circle while receiving exclusive opportunities to join fellow Elite Associates in select opportunities to learn, network and enjoy your accomplishments.

◆Access to a high level peer group with live presentations from inspiring business leaders along with President’s Circle Events & Mentorship with company founder Robert Milligan.

◆ Best choice for associates who expect to close more than $6,000,000 in annual volume and desire Platinum services while gaining additional opportunities and insights.

*Monthly $3,850 payment plan available in lieu of $38,500 annual payment

$38,500 annual payment, no monthly dues

10% split with a $50,000 annual cap

associates closing $20,000,000+ will save 50% vs. the Platinum plan