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Preferred SHORE is a premium real estate brokerage designed to serve the luxury market.  We create our marketing in-house to maintain high standards for our brand while providing our associates with 100% commission.

The marketing you want, the simplicity you need.

It can be difficult to grow your business when the competition has your profit margins shrinking.  With high lead costs and increasing market disruption, you may recognize the need to conserve resources and leave a high-split luxury brokerage.  You may be seeking a 100% commission company you are proud to affiliate with but none of the choices are feeling right... until now.  We built Preferred SHORE for you.

missed leads

Some brokerages lack essential technology or have restrictive policies that discourage your individual success.

lost listings

If you are not proud of the marketing you're brokerage distributes, customers will choose a more confident Realtor®

no direction

You may lack the guidance necessary to get to the next level or the broker split make it cost prohibitive to grow.

In-house marketing, expertly distributed  

At Preferred SHORE, each day you will be confident that the odds of success are finally in your favor to gain market share and maximize your earning potential in real estate.  We provide the right tools, tech, training, mentorship, marketing, commission structure and brand for you to earn more, invest in your business, upgrade your marketing and win more in the luxury market.

We produce most all of our digital media content with staff in house and distribute our listings to thousands of international and domestic websites, at times including high traffic, mainstream websites as following:

Experienced Leadership

Company founder Robert Milligan became a qualifying broker in 2005 and began encouraging the Realtors® he hired to strategically grow their business with the principles he developed.  With Robert’s guidance, his agents experienced uncommon success that propelled the brokerage to grow into all major markets of Florida with over 1,200 agent hires.  His career so far has produced more than 27,000 transactions totaling more than $6 billion in sales volume.  

Over $6.76 Billion in closed sales volume

27,168 closed transactions

A new licensee made over $500,000 in less than two years after joining Preferred SHORE.  Download a PDF report describing exactly how this was achieved:

“I didn’t have broker support at other companies, I’ve got it here”

Rory McDonald

Associate, Preferred SHORE

“Everyone is kind and willing to help in everyway”

Monica Velez

Associate, Preferred SHORE

“Since joining Preferred Shore, I’ve grown as an entrepreneur”

Chase Harris

Associate, Preferred SHORE

Simple steps to join

1. Visit BrokerInterview.com to meet Robert

2. Complete joining documents

3. Go straight into production with SHORE

Why join Preferred SHORE?

We know you are the kind of person who wants to reach their full earning potential selling real estate.  In order to succeed, you need to work with a brokerage you are proud of that has quality agents, a polished luxury brand and provides full support at a fair cost.  The problem is that traditional brokerages with high standards are too expensive and most flat fee 100% commission companies are too unprofessional which makes you feel stuck without a choice.  At Preferred SHORE, we believe you shouldn’t have to choose between a luxury brokerage that is too expensive or a 100% commission company that is too unprofessional.  We understand how difficult it has been for you to find a high class brokerage at a fair cost, so that’s why we created Preferred SHORE.  Schedule your interview right away so you can stop being held back from your full earning potential and start winning more customers and keeping more of your earnings in your real estate career today.  

Here's how it works

The first step is to schedule an interview.  Once your joining forms are complete we initiate our hassle free on-boarding process that provides all custom signs, cards, digital graphics and a personalized listing presentation at your finger tips from day one.  Any necessary listing transfer forms are provided and we assist with all the required notifications.  We have created a short series of training videos to familiarize you with our simple yet powerful software platforms.  You will be amazed at the capabilities of our kvCORE lead capture, CRM and drip campaign system.  You’ll be up and running before you know it and you’ll be providing exceptional marketing to your customers while earning more on each transaction.

Hear the story

Listen to a podcast conversation about the beginning of Robert's career in real estate and the principles that guide Preferred SHORE today.